Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chicks in IT

I'm a bit busy, so this is just a bunch of links that I have found interesting as a woman working in the IT field.

Back in 1991, Ellen Spertus wrote an excellent piece "Why Are There So Few Women in Computer Science". Some things have changed since then, but not as much as one might hope.

Some linux folks carried on with How to Encourage Women in Linux

A good bit on reddit from "TwoXChromosomes" with some information snippets about women in computing and other fields.

An LA Times article "Men Who Explain Things. Ahh. Male Answer Syndrome.


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  2. You might find these interesting as I did:

    Women In Development RoundTable I

    Women In Development RoundTable II

    I thought the bits of the discussion centered around the positive differences in the way men and women work, perceive things, and interact with each other were particularly fascinating.



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