Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some handy commands for the F5 LTM

Some useful commands:
  • To show data on existing connections, use "b conn show" for a condensed list, or "b conn show all" for more information about the connections.
  • "bigpipe interface 1.1 media show" to show the speed/duplex of an interface - in this case, int 1.1
  • To add a static route for traffic to use the management network, "bigpipe mgmt route <destination network> netmask <netmask> gateway <management gateway>"[1]
  • To set a remote syslog device, "bigpipe syslog remote server"

And an important bit of data: unlike most every other damned piece of gear I deal with, the console connection for the F5 LTM is 19200 baud, not 9600 baud.

[1] For example, if your NTP server should talk to the management interface instead of one of the functional interfaces

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