Sunday, June 13, 2010

A couple of useful OIDs that I keep forgetting

This is more a "notes to myself" entry, but here are the couple of OIDs I keep misplacing:

get the list of operational vlans on the switch
snmpwalk -c commstring MySwitch

get the list of mac addresses the switch knows about per VLAN
snmpwalk -c comstring MySwitch@VLAN .
for whatever VLAN is. So, it would be "MySwitch@177" for vlan 177.

Interface names for each port (not descriptions/port-names, names)
snmpwalk -c commstring MySwitch .
IF-MIB::ifName.2 = STRING: Gi1/1
IF-MIB::ifName.3 = STRING: Gi1/2

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