Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cheerleading. FOR SCIENCE.

So, there are plenty of instances of women - and men, too - in tech, engineering, science, etc, doing things to show that smart people can be hot. (Sexy oncologists calendars, things like that). It's not quite as often that you see something showing that hot people can be smart. Science Cheerleaders are former (possibly a few current - not sure) professional cheerleaders who have found careers in science and engineering who go around and CHEERLEAD FOR SCIENCE.

Breaking down expectations and stereotypes for nerds and cheerleaders! This is fabulous. I think the only way this could be more awesome is if they were *really* some kind of Banzai Institute sort of group who went around the world doing goodwill appearances that were actually a cover for their real mission of SAVING THE WORLD.

Their web site is at, and here's a video of them at the USA Science and Engineering Festival.

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