Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

... or "trolling for pics on Flickr"

I was poking around on Flickr looking for shots of other people's data centers and wiring closets. For instance, you can look for all pictures tagged with "wiringcloset"

And you can find things like a picture looking upwards at a rack of 1U boxes, which I found in the l0calh0st group

Some other groups with pictures of other people's network/computer/cabling gear:

That last group is where I found these shots of a data rack that got rewired: before and after
Searching for "cabling" gets you everything from knitting to data centers. Using tag clusters to narrow the search down to more wire-geeky (as opposed to fiber-geeky) gets you something more like this.

and I can't help but agree with the caption on this picture: "No matter what runs on top of the communications infrastructure, at the bottom will always be something like this—a bunch of wires connected together somewhere out of sight."


(nb: I'm taking a couple of weeks off from posting for the holidays. I may go through and tag/retag a bunch of posts. Apologies if this freaks out rss feeds or osmething)

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