Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some useful commands for the Juniper Netscreen CLI

"dbuf" is the debug output buffer. so "get dbuf str" will show you a stream of debug info, if you're doing a debug flow or something like that. If you need a bigger dbuf buffer, though, you can resize it with the command "set dbuf size ". The default is 32K, but you can make it bigger.

"get session" will show you all the sessions the netscreen is currently handling. For more or less detail, you have the following options:
dst-ip               destination ip address
dst-mac              destination mac address
dst-port             destination port number or range
id                   show sessions with id
ike-nat              show ike-nat ALG info
policy-id            policy id
protocol             protocol number or range
rm                   show sessions for resource management
service              show sessions with service type
src-ip               source ip address
src-mac              source mac address
src-port             source port number or range
tunnel               show tunnel sessions
vsd-id               get vsd-id specified sessions

So you can look at a specific session, or all sessions on a given port, or any number of other ways to drill down to the info you actually want.

Not listed in that set of options, however, is "info". "get session info" will give you the summary of session info that is the first two lines of the full 'get session' output. Useful if you just want to get an overview rather than the full firehose of sessions.

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